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몇년간 애플의 WWDC 키노트구글 I/O등에서 공통적으로 자주 등장하는 단어가 있는데 다름아닌 Seamless, Seamlessly이다.

즉, 더이상 하드웨어의 속도경쟁에 집중하기보다는 사용자/제작자의 컨텐츠를 얼마나 유용하게 제공하는 환경을 갖추느냐가 그들의 과제이다.

개발자들을 위한 테스트플라이트나 Metal같은 새로운 환경, Swift같은 새 언어, 맥과 iOS기기간의 연동, Health Kit에서 보여지는 관련업계와의 연동등은 개발자, 사용자, 사업자들에게 “당신들의 도움이 필요하다”라는 직접적인 구애이며 “더 나은 환경”이라는 애플의 요구와 목적에도 부합한다.

가장 인상깊었던건 키노트 시작을 앱스토어에 업로드하는 앱개발자들을 위한 영상을 준비하고 팀쿡이 키노트 말미에 “Everyone from Apple, Stand Up.”이라며 제작에 참여한 인력들, 그리고 쿠퍼티노에서 일하는 프로젝트 참여인력들에게 박수를 받게 하는 장면이였다.


결국 사람이다. 개발자던 사용자던…

팀쿡이 절절히 말하는 Great Update는 나, 너, 우리이다.

In recent years — and let’s be honest, probably since just after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011 — there has been a sense of hesitation, of standoffishness, and maybe even a little bit of fear in the tone of Apple events. That tone has carried over to the company’s approach to the outside world, and has left a lot of people wondering just whether there’s been a plan at all. You could feel a palpable sense of Apple being closed off, in a huddle, trying to figure out what kind of company it wants to be (and can be) in a post-Jobs world. Because whether you agreed with his style, decisions, or philosophies, it’s impossible to deny that Jobs was the voice of Apple and the holder of the keys to the company roadmap.

It feels like for several years we’ve been living with an Apple in a period of recovery and rediscovery. Just listen to Tim Cook answer questions on several occasions about future plans and roadmaps — he’s hesitant, speculative. And I don’t believe it was just about secrecy and timing. It was about Apple finding its new voice, waiting to speak with that voice. And the company has a voice again.

Apple is executing on a plan, and it’s giving it confidence and power.

But that new voice is also giddy, buoyant. I wouldn’t call Apple’s new stance completely “open,” but it’s an Apple that wants to get its hands a little dirtier. One that wants to build ecosystems, work on the plumbing, and lay the groundwork for partners near and far to do great things with its platforms. An Apple that wants to say “yes” to its users and developers.

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